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As certified End of Life Doulas we work with people exploring options for care prior to death & after to ensure that your care is managed according to your wishes. We help you become fully informed of options. This allows you to exercise maximum control over your medical care & representation, as well of what will happen once you are gone. The process of discussing our mortality can create peace-of-mind, paving the way for more joyful living, secure in the knowledge that you’ve taken the steps to ensure your wishes.

Whether you have opted to die at home or are under hospital or hospice care, we help provide physical, emotional, spiritual and informational care & support.

Our Mission

To support and serve as a guide to individuals and their families as they accept and work through the process of dying;  to help them manage their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

To provide the individual a sounding board to help establish and fulfill their ideas of a peaceful passing.

To assist the family as they navigate this journey, affirming to them that they are not alone, helpless or lost.




"We believe death, as in birth, can be a powerful, awe-inspiring moment if one allows it."

Doulas on Camera



"The Death Discussion" is a short documentary focusing on the concept of death and the recent popularity of 'death cafés'.  Produced by Christian Robinson, a VCU student reporter.

Facing our own death is filled with a mired of emotions. In our modern culture, unfortunately families often buffer those negative feelings, yet it’s through exploring them that actual growth and truth exists.  As end of life doulas we welcome that growth and exploration.  Here is Shelby's response to how we buffer pain as a society. 

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